Relieve Tight Muscles and Stress With Specialized Care

Try cupping therapy and other tight muscle treatments in Abilene, TX

Your body takes a beating from daily slouching, twisting and other unnatural positions. Many of us develop serious knots and stiff muscle fibers that feel painful and hinder our movement. Give your muscles a break with specialized tight muscle treatments from Champion Concierge Chiropractic in Abilene, TX.

Dr. Deedra Wright is a fully licensed and certified medical professional with a doctorate of chiropractic from Parker University. Her expertise extends beyond standard chiropractic adjustments into a wide range of tight muscle treatments. Get instant relief with professional and personalized care.

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Get centralized care exactly where you need it

Dr. Wright offers a number of different treatments. She can help you decide the right one based on your specific needs. Choose from:

  • E-Stim -electrical stimulation to help relax tense muscles ($10)
  • K-Taping -kinesiology tape used to help stabilize and reduce inflamed areas ($10)
  • Soft Tissue Technique - an assisted technique, such as the Grayson ($20)
  • Cupping therapy -suction tight muscle spots to release knots and pain ($20)

Many of these treatments are highly popular and successful among world renowned athletes. Cupping therapy is a favorite treatment of Michael Phelps, for example. Contact Dr. Wright today for proven treatments that can make a huge difference for your quality of life.